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Jio 4G Voice App Download Free

Jio Has become a part of everyone and every mobile users in india. New members have been added to the jio home everyday since its amazing and surprising offers and services. Today in this post we are going to discuss jio 4G voice app and its usage.

jio 4g voice app download free

Jiojoin App now renamed as jio 4G voice app. This is advantage for the jio users in india. You can call unlimited to any of the mobile number using jio 4g voice over jio network.

Jio wireless communication company has been founded on 2010. Many of the us do not know how much going to grow that company since we are getting a very unsatisfied results from previous reliance communication company. But the growth of the jio network was very awesome. Since it is giving the right offer for the users with the cheapest rate and wide coverage, the indian users, began to be a part of jio digital life.

Jo 4G Voice

one of the main feature of jio 4g voice app app is that it works on only jio sim used mobile phones only. The app was specially designed to work on the 4g smartphone that slotted jio sim(subscriber identity modue). Using jio4gvoice users will get a clear voice and video call experience.

Features of Jio 4G Voice

  • It can support High Definition (HD) Vide and voice calls.
  • Jio4Gvoice will make your call through the app and not through the mobile network.
  • It not only acts as a calling app but messaging app also.
  • Through this app, you can create group chats, and thus can be share any of the multimedia like images, gifs, zip files, mp3 files as we do in any other messaging apps.
  • You can dial and receive voice & video calls from any other mobile/landline number, over 4G mobile data.
  • “urgent call” is the very important feature that will give preference to the urgency of receiver or caller.
  • Jio4GVoice only works with jio sim enabled smartphones only
  • Since Jio4gvoice uses Volte (voice over long term evolution) system, the voice or video calls should be very clear and noise free.

Download Jio4gVoice App And Install

We have know much more features and functionalities from this article, now we will show you how can download and install jio4gvoice app on your android smartphone for free.

  • Jio4gVoice App is free to available on google play store, so sign in to google play.
  • In serach Box search the term jio4gvoice
  • When clicking on search button, the app will be displayed on interface
  • Then you can see the Jio4GVoice App and click on installation button.
  • When clicking on install button, the app is get installed on smartphone
  • Now enjoy the app for free.

Very Common Error While Using Jio4gVoice; How To Fix It?

The one of the common and can be say un common problem on jio4gvoice is that jio 4g voice problem. What is meant by jio 4g voice problem? It is when you make a call, the call will be going on offline mode.

we have a clear and simple fix for this error.

Just Try These Things

  1. Switch off your smartphone even if it is android or ios.
  2. Remove the JIO SIM  card and again insert on slot properly, then switch on.
  3. Now go to the settings tab>Mobile networks and click on ‘search network manually.’
  4. Wait for 4G network, it will show after searching
  5. Then go to play store and download jio4gvoice app initially
  6. After completion of installation, it will show you offline mode.
  7. Now turn on your mobile data, then Jio 4G Voice app is going to establish a connection after that you can see the Jio4GVoce online status at the top bar of your mobile

Free Download Jio 4g voice app

Now it is time to get the latest version of jio 4g voice app for your android device fro free.

App Name: Jio 4G Voice

Developer: Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. Communication

Rating: 4.5



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