Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer For Users- 3 Months Validity

Ji has been came with the new dhan dhana dhan offer with 3 months of validity. If you are not done the 99+303 offer. This dhan dhana dhan offer is for you. This offer is for 3 months validity with unlimited usage.

Who is suitable for dhan dhana dhan offer

For those who are non-prime users if jio and the new jio users are most the beneficient of the jio dhan dhana dhan offer. They can enjoy unlimited fun with this offer. This offer is both benefit for jio prime users and non-prime users.

What is jio dhan dhana dhan offer

This is 3 months or 84 days duration offer as jio special recharge, getting unlimited data and voice benefit.

There are 2 options for the prime and non-prime jio users.

For Jio Prime Members:-Recharge with Rs 309 and get the high speed data 1GB per day. Unlimited voice calling, national roaming, call, sms and accecc to all the premium jio apps.

For the recharge of Rs 509 Get the same offer with the data usage of 2GB per day. unlimited voice, sms roaming, and access to all the premium jio apps.

Jio Dhan dhana dhan offer for non-prime users

For non-prime users, They have to recharge for 408 and 608 for getting the all the above mentioned benefits from jio.

When a non-prime user recharge with Rs 408, will get 1GB Per day with high speed data. unlimited roaming, voice and sms offer. Along with this, they can enjoy access to all the premium jio apps for that 3 months.

Or they can recharge with 608 and get 2GB per day with all other offers.

Do not wait, the jio has declared that, this offer is available until further notification. If you have any doubts to clarify, make a toll free on jio customer supportthen ask them for clarification.

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