How To Make Jio Video Call? Step By Step Procedures.

How To Make Jio Video Call? The Step By Step Procedures.

The one of the main advantage of 4g network is that we can make video call without interrupt. Since the jio has been arrived all we are enjoying the video call with the powerful 4g Network. Till then we made the video calls with 3g network, with low quality. Though jio power with 4g network, many of the users are still not know how to make video calls with jio network. In this post, we are going to explain, the step by step procedures on how to make jio video call?

There are apps that are developed for jio itself can be use for the jio video calling. you can use jio 4g voice app for making jio video call or jiochat app that are similar to imo, google all app etc to make video calls.

It is very easy to make jio voice call with jio sim and smartphone. Here in this post we will explain how to make jio video calling with jiochat app as well as with jio 4g voice app

How to make jio 4g call with jio 4g voice app?


Now we are going the step by step procedure on making jio voice call with jio4gvoice.

  1. open jio 4g voice app, if you are not downloaded till now download now from here or from playstore
  2. Put headset in your ear, then tap on contact.
  3. Tap on camera icon to send your side video to the receiver.
  4. ten tap on video icon to make it a video call.

Done, the video calls are now gone. and if you want it to make it voice call, then tap on phone icon to make it voice call. Enjoy the video call where you can see each other.

This is very easy steps to make a video call with your jio.

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